Our History

OUR STORY is a story that only God could write. We sometimes read the Bible and think, “Why don’t amazing things like that happen today?” I want to tell you that they do, and God is doing something amazing in Polk City today.

In the Fall of 2005 on a beautiful Sunday morning, 25 adults and a few kids met in a small room above a garage. It had been a service in the making for a number of months and was now a reality. The energy was high and everyone was excited to finally have our very own service. There were a number of ways that God had blessed Lakeside already, but none was more evident than when our first visitor showed up on that Sunday morning. We had adopted the motto ‘Come as you are, leave different’ and for this one individual, this would never ring more true as she entered into a personal relationship with Jesus after the service was over.

In just a couple months, we would outgrow the room over the garage and move into the cafeteria at West Elementary. During the early months, we made an aggressive push into the community and tried to knock on every single door. God blessed this tremendously as we saw many new faces every week and more and more souls being saved.

Eventually, we would move out of the cafeteria and into the gym at West Elementary as God had brought more than 150 people on a regular basis to worship together. Even as we grew we did not lose focus on the fact that there were still many more in the community that God wanted to reach.

One of the highlights that probably every person who attends Lakeside cherishes is our baptism services. We have held them at several different locations including a hotel pool, a family pool, and Big Creek. God has used these services in some really cool ways, and some of our most amazing stories of salvation have come directly after people have heard the stories of how God has changed the lives of others.

God hasn’t stopped working, and in 2009 He brought together two churches that had been ministering separately in Polk City . The E-Free church in Polk City humbly joined with us and has allowed Lakeside to grow our outreach in a number of ways. The adoption of this church has energized members from both congregations to boldly proclaim the gospel.

Where is God leading us next? We’ve grown exponentially in four years, and new people are coming to know Christ all the time. So we are aggressively looking for our own building, and plan on being in the North Polk Community for years to come.

We’ve got some of the friendliest and most fun people you’ll ever meet, and we would absolutely love it if you would join with us as we strive to make God famous!

Sunday Morning Services
8:30 & 10:30am

Phone Number:
Map & Directions

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:00pm
1121 W. Bridge Rd.
Polk City, IA 50226
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Growth Groups

Growth Groups are over for the summer but will start back up in the fall!
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